To Rename font file(s), select  font from the Font Samples and press File menu or right - click mouse button to open up popup-menu. Click on RenameFont Renaming Wizard:


graphic Rename selected font files

 - In order to change font file names into their name of typefaces, select this option.

graphic Rename single file - set any name for the file...

 - Check this button if you want to set any name for file - e.g. _Agarbi.ttf to MyFavoriteFont.ttf

graphicRename font family and font full name...

- Example: You want to install two different fonts with the same family name: e.g. Courier New (family Courier) and Courier Old (family Courier), but font boxes always shows one font Courier. 

You can simply change the family name one of those two fonts (single character is enough), e.g. Courier to Kourier

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