Raster fonts (*.FON) are designed with a specific size and resolution where each glyph is defined as a little bitmap, and cannot be scaled or rotated like Vector fonts.

They are recently used in MS-DOS applications and in user interface elements (buttons,menus fonts,etc). Raster fonts are CourierMS Sans Serif, MS Serif, Small, and Terminal.


Vector Fonts (.*FON) are supported because a number of programs still depend on them. They can be scaled to any size or aspect ratio. 

They are used primarily with plotters, and those fonts are very useful for devices such as pen plotters that cannot reproduce bitmapped, Raster Fonts.Compared with modern Outlined fonts, quality of Vector fonts is poor. 

Vector fonts are Modern, Roman, and Script


                                           Scalable Outline Fonts:

graphicOutline Fonts are fonts where characters are defined by a number of points and an algorithm to link these points.The quality of those fonts is very high and usually depend only of the author of the fonts.

graphicOutlined font types are:

TrueType (*.ttf), OpenType with True Type Outlines - OpenType (*.ttf), TrueType Collections (*.ttc), Adobe PostScript Type 1 (*.pfm) and OpenType with PostScript outlines (*.otf).



TrueType fonts were developed by a software alliance that included Apple and Microsoft (1991) as an alternative to the PostScript format.The most of available fonts on Internet, freeware or shareware are in TrueType format.

 graphicPostScript Type1

Postscript Type 1 fonts are developed by Adobe Systems, Inc.and launched in 1984.It is the standard for desktop publishing.With OpenType technology, Windows fully supports Type 1 fonts.

graphic TrueType Collection

A TrueType Font Collection is font file with one or more true type files into the one file.Many Asian fonts are stored in True Type Collection files with over 20000 font glyphs included in a single file (Japanese, Chinese).


The OpenType font format is an extension of the TrueType font technology, clear and readable in all sizes.In 1996, Microsoft and Adobe licensed the TrueType and PostScript font technologies to each other and produce a hybrid between Type 1 and TrueType fonts - OpenType.Basically, there is a two types of OpenType font:TrueType based (.ttf) and PostScript based (.otf).

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