Font Database  is unique feature of FontExplorerL.M. 

It enables you to organize your fonts in three steps via Database Wizard.  

Fonts will be sorted by several criteria:

1. Font filename (arial.ttf,arialb.ttf...)

2. Font name (Arial,Arial Bold,..)

3. Font family (Swiss,Roman,Decorative...)

4. Font type (True Type,Open Type..)           

5. Font style (Bold,Italic,...)

6. Font Character sets (ANSI(Western), Central European, Japanese...)

7. Font Weight (Normal, Semi-Bold, Black,..)

8. Font Width (Condensed, Expanded..)

In Database Wizard ..

1. Select File Types which will be add to database. At the same page, check "Include Duplicate fonts" if you want to add duplicate fonts to the database.

2. At next page, select which drives you want to scan and press "Create new database" button.

After 5 -20 minutes database will be ready to use.

In Sort modes menu (see picture) you can select type of the database tree, sorted by font name,style, type..


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