comport2keyboard desktop application

Desktop interface

Simple and fast com port to keyboard redirector

ComPort2Keyboard is a very easy-to-use application that helps you send signals from devices connected through a serial port to the keyboard and then to text-based input.

The program intercepts the signal from one or more (max 8) com ports and emulates the keyboard into currently focused text-based input (standard windows text box, excel cell, word document...)

Area of Usage

Hardware examples of Comport2Keyboard usage. Download FREE version and test it with other serial hardware.

Moxa serial box

Moxa box

Serial devices -> Moxa box -> Comport2Keyboard -> Windows application

Moxa pci card

Moxa PCI

Serial devices -> Moxa PCI -> Comport2Keyboard -> Windows application

rayon pci card

Rayon PCI

Serial devices -> Rayon PCI -> Comport2Keyboard -> Windows application

Download ComPort2Keyboard

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